Local Selling Tips

Local Selling Tips


Call or email us today. We will arrange to have a Relocation Package sent to you from your new hometown. You will have all the information you need to make informed decisions about the many facets of your move.

We also have a few tips that will streamline the process of marketing and selling your home.

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Ready To Take The Next Step? Here Are

21 Questions To Ask Yourself When You're Ready to Sell

  • Does any part of the house need paint?
  • Is the landscaping in top shape?
  • Are the windows/screens in working order?
  • Does the carpet need cleaned/replaced?
  • Are pets under control at all times?
  • Are all appliances in good working order?
  • Should I leave when the house is shown?
  • Does the home have "curb appeal"?
  • Is the garage clean?
  • What is the first impression upon entering?
  • Do the closets look roomy?
  • Are light fixtures/fans clean?
  • Are the kitchen cabinets neat & uncluttered?
  • Are the rooms uncluttered?
  • Do cabinet doors need retouching?
  • Have you reviewed the plus points about your home/neighborhood with your Century 21 agent?
  • How do the welcome mats look?
  • Should you ask your Century 21 agent for tips to help market the house?
  • Are the price and terms offered going to appeal to potential buyers?
  • Are you aware of neighboring homes being offered for sale?

Before spending time and money, should I consult with my Century­­­ 21 agent?